De Bethune DB25 White Night

I just adore, or rather I mean love, when independents take a step from impressing the world, flashing technical innovation and bold design cues, to demonstrate their ability through restrained or classic sensiblities. Dufour has the Simplicity. Roger Smith the Series I. Rexhep the Chronometre Contemporain. De Bethune, well this may be as close as…

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Green De Bethune DB25QP Perpetual


Insanely technical independent De Bethune are perhaps best known for their use (or misuse) of the pun Starry Varius or insane lug designs. The manufacture is an involved one, one of the few independents that manufacture everything from the hairspring to the handset vertically. Outside of heat blued titanium, they are not closely associated with…

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Sky’s not the limit: De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius


Since the mediocrity of releases peddled by most Richmonte, Swatch, LVMH, and other mainstream conglomerates, independents have begun to takeover the role of truly creative watchmaking. Trust Rolex to make the Submariner .3mm larger. Trust Omega to celebrate a 1/4 year since Buzz Aldrin shaved with a Speedmaster LE. Trust Max Büsser to get drunk…

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De Bethune DB25 in White Gold

De Bethune DB25

I have occasionally had to admit that I gave myself an out in the tagline for this site, “bringing notable wristwatches to enthusiasts.” You see, the vast majority of pieces that I find intriguing were either innovative for their time (in mechanics or design) or succeeded in attaching themselves to important points and people in…

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