A Well-Preserved Gallet Multichron 30M


This is not just an extrememly handsome chronograph, though it certainly meets that standard. The 30M Multichron is reportedly the world’s first example of a water resistant case construction, accomplished through a screw-down case back. The construction was patented by Gallet in 1937 and solidified the brand’s name going into the second World War, where…

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Gilt Breitling Clamshell Multiscale Chronograph


Finding anything built in 1940 but still in operation today is a rarity. Finding a wristwatch built in 1940 that is functioning perfectly demonstrates a level of dedication to longevity and quality that shames my iPhone. A large part of the charm in mechanical wristwatches, in my view, is their attempts toward permanence. Breitling today…

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