Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver

When one of my friends who’s just dipping their toes into our world asks me to recommend a vintage watch that’s affordable, interesting, and just cool, I struggle these days. Ten years ago, I’d answer Heuer and UG. Five years ago, I’d point to 90s Cartier (hah! definitely not today) or the Dirty Dozen. With…

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105-66129 Nivada Croton Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver


The Chronomaster is not only handsome, but may perhaps be one of the best examples ever of unrecognized depth within a single reference. Unrecognized not for its merit, but unrecognized in the sheer degree of depth and comparably vast scholarship that surrounds this still-attainable chronograph. Its production spanned differing dials, cases, register counts, and even…

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