Oman Khanjar 345.0022 Omega Speedmaster


This 345.0022 is like finding out Dame Helen Mirren loved acting in the Fast and Furious and sought out the role deliberately, which is true. Or learning that Chinese takeout boxes unfold into a neat plate with the ball of noodle at its center. Or learning that David Attenborough makes a lovely foie gras. Okay,…

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Francois Borgel M95 Movado in 14K Yellow Gold

Few watches tell the world that you know exactly what you’re doing like an FB-cased M95. When one has spent years immersed in the vintage world, they start recognizing shared componentry. You recognize a Singer made dial. You know that Zodiac is running a Valjoux 7734. And you know that one of the greatest case…

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817 Breitling CP-1 Italian Army Chronograph

When you approach the entire world through watches, it’s easy to get a slightly skewed view of things. See, I imagine all Special Ops guys running around with Sea-Dwellers on their wrists. I imagine every runway model wears a vintage Tank. Every F1 driver must rock a vintage Autavia, right? George Santos must wear a…

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Omega 33.3 Chronograph

Let’s not mince words, this 33.3 is achingly beautiful. And significant, as this calibre is the grandfather to all our beloved 321 chronographs. How often do you see an Omega chronograph with an onion crown, Breguet hands, Breguet numerals, and enamel dial? Yeah, it’s basically just this. It makes me rather concerned though. See, Ryan…

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47111 Vacheron Constantin Les Historiques Chronograph

For at least a decade, I have loathed derivative design. I don’t know what it says about all large Swiss watchmakers that the best ideas they can come up with already passed a half-decade earlier. The Submariner marching on without change like a 911 is one thing, but Omega literally laser-scanning their best designs from…

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Cartier CPCP 2846 Tank Monopoussoir

You may be forgiven for imagining that the Tortue was Cartier’s only design to receive that spectacular THA ébauche monopusher chronograph during the CPCP years. It is not so, but the second Monopoussoir, a Tank, is vanishingly rare by comparison at just 200 examples . . .ever. There are many reasons to adore the Tank…

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Mk1 7763C Heuer Autavia


Cutting edge technology looked a little different in 1968. When Piquerez debuted the EPSA case circa 1960, it was a true step function change in water resistance. Heuer took that same tech on board in their all-purpose chronograph, the Autavia. Following the 2446C, this second generation Autavia debuted the Valjoux 7730 in place of the…

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5621H Rodania Geometer


There is a highly divisive branch of theoretical physics which holds that there are infinite realities. Some call it the multiverse, others call it the twin-world model level IV. The latter more extreme theories hold that if you can imagine a reality, it has existed or will. Yet, I’m already struggling to think of watch…

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Exotic 181102 Universal Genève Tri-Compax


No one needed convincing that the depth of Universal Genève’s archives rival the Mariana Trench. And yet, like hearing a 911 guy repeatedly drone on to you about how a rear engined platform actually gives you more weight over the rear axle, I’m going to reiterate the point anyway. This is not one of the…

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Mk1 9420/0 Tudor Big Block Monte Carlo


This unassuming Tudor combines the very best of two iconic chronographs: the practicality of a Big Block sprinkled with the the magic that was the flamboyant Monte Carlo dial. This is an automatic 7750, but with a dial very reminiscent of the 7100 series Monte Carlos. Alongside the standard production 9420/0, Tudor also produced what…

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