Burlwood Dial 16019 Rolex Datejust


You’re used to wood dials in Day-Date, but Datejust? Yes, it happened, they’re just far less common. Particularly in white gold, and this is the rarest of the lot. Only seen in 16019, it’s a much darker burlwood than what we usually see in Day-Dates, likely walnut, and it was made with extra long minute…

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Burlwood Dial, Bark Finish 18078 Rolex Day-Date

Burlwood-Dial-Rolex Day-Date-18078-Bark-Finish

Not only is this a burlwood Day-Date, quite an uncommon thing already, but it rather fittingly is sporting a what is known as (and I’m not making this up) a bark finish case. You see how the bezel and centre links are almost textured like tree bark? It’s a finish that was made at Rolex…

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