Hodinkee ‘Friends & Family’ 79030 Tudor Black Bay 58


You’re probably asking yourself now, ‘What is Hairspring doing talking about a Black Bay 58?’ Look a little closer at that dial. If one needed convincing that Tudor are operating today in the role that Rolex did 50 years ago, we need no further evidence. This is the Hodinkee ‘Friends & Family’ Black Bay 58,…

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1 of 300 Platinum Jubilee ‘RaSP’ Tudor Black Bay

Despite the name ‘Platinum Jubilee’, this is not a platinum watch. No, it’s steel, and it’s far, far cooler than that. In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, marking the first British Monarch to give 70 years service, a small run of 300 Black Bays were made. But not for her staff. These were made…

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1 of 75 79220 ‘RaSP’ Tudor Black Bay


A few nights ago, I had an epiphany of omission. There has not yet been a single Black Bay in all the multitude of watches on this platform. For a watch which has contributed so much toward modern wrist culture, that seems an unforgivable sin. The vast majority of Black Bays simply do not align…

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