Beyer Dial 3417 Patek Philippe Amagnetic


The late ’50s were a time when the world had absolute faith that science would solve its problems and deliver a future worth being excited about. But if you were an actual scientist, working hard to lead the space race or keep the cold war on ice, you were in all kinds of generated high-strength…

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Beyer Dial ‘Dato 45’ Heuer 3147S Carrera


There are tales from years ago of clients requesting their Pateks from Tiffany specifically to not bear the Tiffany name on the dial. Even today, there are a tiny subset of collectors who believe having two names on a dial detracts from the watchmaker’s equity. Today’s market, however, violently disagrees. A Tiffany Nautilus is, apparently,…

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Beyer-Signed 3212 IWC Yacht Club II Jumbo Automatic


This is not a dream, what you see is accurate. Somehow, a collector has decided to let go of a Yacht Club II Jumbo in steel, with the full integrated bracelet, and Beyer-signed no less. The confluence of perfection here is on display only for those who appreciate just how unlikely a watch this is.…

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First Series Beyer 3940J Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar


Patek’s 3940 was released unto the world during troubled times as a bold step toward the modern era. When Philippe Stern chose to celebrate mechanical complication at the dawn of Patek’s future, he did so with the help of his close friend, Theodore Beyer. If you’re past a certain point of watch obsession, you’ll be…

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