GCBR993 ‘Alpinist’ Credor Phoenix


Credor never made an Alpinist proper but, in the GCBR993 Phoenix, they came within a bee’s dick. This Phoenix hails from the late 90s, a time when Seiko was first attempting to take Credor well upmarket. The distinction between Grand Seiko and Credor was in the design: Grand Seiko was to embody robust, faceted, Zaratsu-polished…

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1 of 500 Seiko SSASS Alpinist SBCJ023


I’ve been casually waiting on the sidelines to feature a very special Seiko for some time now. I have search alerts set up for a wide range of rare references. Today, I was astounded to find this recent listing. Alpinists are, at risk of sounding pretentious, the beginner Seiko enthusiast’s pick. This is not at…

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