’10 Year Safe Driver’ Winn-Dixie 14000M Rolex Air-King


Alongside all the sexy Pan-Am, Qaboos, or Tiffany-signed Rolex dials, there are also a wide variety of more salt-of-the-earth stamps at 6: Pool Intairdril, Honda, Domino’s Pizza, and this Winn-Dixie. Winn-Dixie are US supermarket franchise of the South who, for many years, had thing for Air-Kings and fresh produce. This is an earned watch, given…

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Rolex 14000 Air King Domino’s Signed Dial


Somewhere inside the Venn diagram of horological significance, pop culture, and master-level trolling lies this: the very elusive Domino’s-signed Air-King. The standard Air-King is an oft-overlooked, undersized, and restrained bit of Rolex sports steel. The reference ran from 1989 to 1999. Inside that timeline, Domino’s was flying high. To commemorate the work of longstanding employees,…

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Rolex 5504 Air King with 3-6-9 Explorer Dial

At first glance, this Air King may be very easily mistaken for its 1016 counterpart. However, the dial markings are not quite Explorer. Equally, the well-aged indices are raised. Its 36mm case was used for both models, though some 5504s produced with 1016 Explorer-styled dials blur this line. The 1530 movement also varies from the…

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