‘Cover Girl’ A3818 Zenith El Primero


Easy, breezy, and a total dime, Zenith’s ‘Cover Girl’ is named aptly. This ref. A3818 is about as niche as Zenith collecting gets, with the possible exception of the A3817. Yet somehow, even still today, Zenith collecting as a whole is still low-key. If you’re not the sort of person that reads Hairspring, the standard…

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A3818 ‘Cover Girl’ Zenith El Primero


Make no mistake, this is no revival reissue. I once described Zenith’s easy, breezy, beautiful 1971 Cover Girl both legendary and seemingly unattainable, something of a Mewtwo amongst El Primeros. Obscure Pokémon references aside, that changed today when this gem was listed. The Cover Girl isn’t just a pretty dial, but one of the rarest…

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