96054 Cartier Paris Santos Dumont Ultra-Thin


The Santos Dumont was designed for aviation yet, in my head, it belongs permanently on the French Riviera, casually cruising the cliffs between Monaco and Cannes in an Aston. Some watches exude a certain presence that you can’t get away from. For example, a 5513 is no-nonsense, here to get the job done, brutally masculine.…

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96054 1980s Cartier Santos Dumont ‘Extra Flat’

Last year, Cartier outsold Omega by turnover for the first time, taking second place behind Rolex as Switzerland’s largest watch seller. This worries me slightly. It’s not that I don’t want Cartier to do well, quite the opposite. But I also don’t want Cartier to become more associated with Harrods than Fifth Ave. I worry…

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