Mk1 9420/0 Tudor Big Block Monte Carlo


This unassuming Tudor combines the very best of two iconic chronographs: the practicality of a Big Block sprinkled with the the magic that was the flamboyant Monte Carlo dial. This is an automatic 7750, but with a dial very reminiscent of the 7100 series Monte Carlos. Alongside the standard production 9420/0, Tudor also produced what…

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Tudor Monte Carlo 9420 in Blue

Tudor Monte Carlo 94200

A beautiful example of one of the all-time great dials today, courtesy of the Keystone. The Blue Monte Carlo variation is amongst the most representative of the chronograph’s character (outside exotic dials). Considering Tudor as Rolex’s wild side, one may as well have the louder aesthetic. The 40mm Oyster case houses a highly-solid Valjoux 7750.…

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