Value Proposition: Bulova Snorkel 666-Feet ‘Devil Diver’


A damn great watch doesn’t always have to require dipping into to your least successful child’s college fund. It’s easy to become cynical when a humble no date Sub is listed as an ‘investment class’. Yet, I believe in the core of my being that watches should be enjoyable to their wearer, and that in…

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Value Prop: Caravelle ‘Devil Diver’ 666 Sea Hunter


If you’re anything like me, this isn’t really a vintage diver; it’s more akin to Colombian white powder. When a non-name brand 70s diver presents a certain level of design sense, history, and value I find it almost sinful to ignore. Japanese-based WMT are currently producing late 60s Rolex (heavily) derivative designs with Miyota movements,…

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Value Prop: Bulova 666 Super Compressor


Rarity is no guarantee of greatness and complication does not necessarily improve usability. To prove the opposing truth, I give you the humble EPSA Super Compressor Bulova 666ft. Bulova’s take on the generic Ervin Piquerez case design was characteristically purposeful. A simple dial, signed twin crowns, and engraved case back were all Bulova needed to…

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