Tropical Service Dial 6542 Rolex GMT-Master


I must admit to slightly enjoying antagonizing purists here; a closed mind is boring. This is a service dial, and that’s always less desirable, right? Well, not quite. The 6542 GMT-Master was created with radium dials and was famously recalled for its radioactivity. If one came in for service over the next decade, Rolex would…

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6542 Rolex GMT-Master Bakelite


More than any other watch, the 6542 embodies the romance of the jet set’s dawn. All the details align to that era. The radium (or not). The understated proportions. The bakelite bezel. This was a watch made to live life the fullest with. However, not all examples age quite this gracefully. The majority of early…

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Tropical Gilt Service 6542 Rolex GMT-Master

6542-Rolex GMT-Master-Tropical-Gilt

I simply can’t get the 6542 out of my head recently. There’s the timeless charm. The radium (or not). The understated proportions. However, not all examples age quite this gracefully. The soul of a GMT is its dial, and this dial is utterly marvelous. However, the watch was not born with it. Rolex history is…

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Radium Bakelite 6542 GMT-Master


There seems to have been a confluence of GMTs around these parts lately. I think my mind is subconsciously craving that which it cannot have: travel. Although I’ve been hot for Greenwich lately, I don’t think any GMT I’ve posted recently rivals this. The thing is, I strive to feature a diverse range of watches…

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