6241 ‘John Player Special’ Rolex Daytona


Auction season is wrapping up which means it’s time for me to sprinkle in some heavyweights to the mix of things. Now, just to be clear, I will not be talking about the insanely low estimates, undoubtedly ludicrous to-be-results, money laundering, chandelier bids, or any other ubiquitous auction argument angles. We’re here for watches and…

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‘Everose’ 6241 Rolex Daytona in 14K YG


Now of course, this isn’t actually Rolex Everose alloy. Everose is Rolex’s propietary pinkish rose gold alloy, first introduced in 2005. The 6241 shown today is a late 60s icon. This acrylic bezeled, pump pusher icon is rare in any guise. However, this example is both a precious metal and an attractive standard dial variant.…

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Tiffany-Signed 6241 Steel Rolex Daytona


Serpico, Beyer, Gubelin, Bucherer, Cartier, and above all Tiffany: these are the words that, when combined with a manufacture signature, collectors lose their cool over. I personally tend to gravitate towards the more obscure double-signatures. By that, I don’t mean Dominos. I mean things like this VC 6194 signed by Cartier. However, there are now…

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