Swiss Only, Full Bracelet 5548 Audemars Piguet Quantieme Perpetual


As Patek’s 3945 is the 3940, so this extravagant, full-bracelet, engraved 5548 is the ‘standard’ 5548 (if there is such a thing). AP demonstrated with this precise reference that they are the masters at, and the last bastion of, mechanical horological artistry. Yet, this precise QP take that notion a step further in every detail.…

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Under-Market-Value Audemars Piguet Quantieme Perpetual 5548


I understand, tagging a 5548 as a value proposition is a bit absurd but hear me out. Any watch, regardless of price level, has the potential to become a value if listed below the market. That’s precisely what we have here. And the watch in question is an appreciating fan favorite of the dedicated modern…

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