‘Blank Dial’ 44018 Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo


This 222 is the archetypal double take watch. Glance once, and it’s a bimetal 222 jumbo. Incredible watch, in any dial. But glance twice and your mind begins to process that this is something bizarre. The hands are non-luminous dauphine, solid gold, and not batons. In attention to detail, the dial is signed Swiss alone,…

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44018 Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo Steel


Conor McGregor is quite the hoe for attention but in the stream of nonsense that leaves his mouth, one saying is worth listening to. Just before the José Aldo fight, at the height of his abilities, a reporter asked if the previous victory had effected him. He replied, ‘Loss can make or break a fighter,…

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44018 Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo in Steel


Amongst the kind of people that read Hairspring, the original 222 occupies quite a different mindshare compared to the 5402 or 3700. This, because where the Royal Oak and Nautilus have been in continuous production since introduction, the 222 was a blip in Vacheron history, a supernova that dazzled and dissipated quickly. The 222 evolved…

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44018 Vacheron Constantin 222 Jumbo in YG


I have spilled a great deal of ink already on behalf of my pick from the original ‘holy trinity’. However, in light of the recent Les Historiques reissue, an original 222 is now a different proposition. When a manufacture shines a bright light on the dark, dusty corners of their back catalogue, there are secondary…

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