Fourth Series Patek Philippe 3970EP


If an alien was beamed down to Earth, or Mark Zuckerberg asked you (which amounts to the same thing, really), you’d have a hard time explaining why the 2499 is a million (and up) dollar watch in USD while this 3970 is a ‘mere’ 150-250K-ish watch, broadly speaking. But, show the Zuckerberg-alien a 5970 and…

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4th Series 3970EP Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


Patek’s 3970 has enjoyed one of the sharpest upward trajectories in collectability of anything this side of a Cosmograph in recent years. The rise to appreciation has been a culmination of many factors: scholarship in the form of excellent reference guides such as by A Collected Man and Collectability, greater desirability of what we now…

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Seconds Series Patek Philippe 3970R


The perpetual calendar chronograph is a haute complication that Patek Philippe has perfected to such an extent as to become synonymous with the entire category. This 3970 succeeded the 2499 in the mid 80s and dominated the category for its production length. This post-quartz period was time when few complicated mechanical pieces existed; Patek saw…

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