145.005 ‘Ultraman’ Omega Seamaster 321


The Seamaster 321 is one of Omega’s best kept secrets, worn by Roger W. Smith and with the same storied Lemania 2310 that went to the moon. But this, the 145.005 with its ‘Ultraman’ hand, is a secret even to most Omega enthusiasts. It’s steeped in mystery, a bit like the actual Ultraman itself before…

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14364 Omega Seamaster De Ville Calibre 321


This is one of Omega’s best kept secrets. It’s the Seamaster De Ville 321, yes that calibre 321, and in many ways it’s the antithesis of modern Omega. In the era of mass automated luxury good production, it’s increasingly difficult to make something feel special. As a result, we get an endless series of limited…

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The Other 321 Seamaster: Omega’s 145.006-66


In the pantheon of great watch calibres, many actual experts far more learned than myself have placed Omega’s 321 (and all Lemania 2310 ébauches) in the top spot. It has literally been to the moon, sustained some of Patek’s most complicated efforts, and been cased in many of the most gorgeous watches ever. All that…

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Omega Seamaster 321 105.005


I recall very clearly being a young horological padawan, learning of the historic contributions the 321 calibre has made to humanity. I also distinctly remember, three years later, learning that there was a Seamaster running the very same venerable movement. Many, many queries ensued. How was this possible? Shouldn’t this be a DeVille? It’s only…

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Omega 321 Seamaster 2451-7


321 Seamasters must be amongst of the most under-rated Omega models of all time. Maybe that’s grandiose, but I ask you: what other reference offers the mechanical elegance, timeless design, and present-day value that it can? It’s one of the subtler choices you can make in vintage Omega. Here, a very restrained 35mm case contains…

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