Slate Dial 2960 Cartier Santos Carrée

Before Cartier became fully married to quartz in the late 80s and well before the CPCP-era that resurrected their mechanical watchmaking, one or two mechanical Santos slipped through the cracks, hanging on for dear life. One is the ref. 2960, a large-cased Carrée (french for square, or straight-lugged) Santos with a modified ETA. It’s not…

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Value Prop: 2960 Cartier Santos Automatique


Very recently, you will have seen here a quite rare empty grey dial Santos Carrée. That is something of an attainable grail to many. However, it is worth remembering that even Cartier’s ‘standard’ neo-vintage integrated steel offering deserves respect. More than respect. In fact, it is the very platform which saw Cartier watchmaking through a…

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2960 Cartier Santos Carrée


Not all that is desirable in Cartier is CPCP, vintage Tank, Crash, or Cintrée. Though many collectors may treat it as such, Cartier’s long and storied history has innumerable alternative high points. In the mid 70s, Cartier began to see the Santos line as potential sporting alternative to the integrated Genta steel which was gaining…

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