Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP) 2913-8 Omega Seamaster 300


FAP. Three little engraved letters with multitudes of meaning to just a few people. The best sort of watches, I’ve always said, are those that don’t shout for the attention they garner. But a Fuerza Aérea del Perú (Peruvian Air Force) Seamaster 300 takes that notion a bit further. You wouldn’t even know unless someone…

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2913-7 ‘Lollipop’ Omega Seamaster 300


In philosophy, there is an infamous thought experiment known as the Ship of Theseus. The crux is this: if a Greek warship were to live a long and successful life, over time its hull will be patched. Sections will be swapped. Perhaps a mast will be fell in a storm, only to be rebuilt months…

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A Perfect 2913 Omega Seamaster 300


Finding any of the original Omega trilogy in decent condition is a tall order these days. Second only the 2915 in terms of difficult is this beauty, the 2913 Seamaster 300. While the Submariner is arguably more recognizable, this original Seamaster is no less important or attractive. Although the reference may seem approachable enough, it’s…

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Broad-Arrow Omega 2913 Seamaster 300


After Omega reissued 60th anniversary pieces last year, its trilogy series has been flooding the watch media. As a result, the 2913 Seamaster has received considerably greater attention recently, with today’s market eating up any examples in decent condition very quickly. This makes Meertz’s 1958 CK2913 here quite a rarity. This broad-arrow is the most…

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