Chinese Dial Cartier CPCP Tank Cintrée Dual Time

China has 160 cities with over a million people. Their intense public transport spending has meant the entire country is connected by high speed rail, cars are not needed. China is producing everything for everyone, everywhere. The more mathematically minded, on the spectrum-types are working extremely hard (perhaps at gunpoint?) to not just compete with…

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Asian Market Cartier CPCP Tank Cintrée Dual Time

Cartier-CPCP-Tank Cintrée-Dual-Time-Asian-Dial-2767

Very few watches have the privilege of contributing toward wider culture. One could fairly say the Submariner expanded the purview of tool watches as a category, transcending purpose for luxury. The G-Shock married indestructible construction to creative design, capturing rappers and armed forces simultaneously in admiration. Before either, though, Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Tank. In…

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