Decimal Dial 2447D Heuer Carrera Second Execution


The three-register Carrera is one of the most adaptable and iconic chronographs to ever house a Valjoux 72. Many will think of the 2447 as a clean, minimalist, and scale-less chronograph. But that’s not entirely accurate, the Carrera is not one dial. Scratch the surface of On the Dash and you will see, the 2447…

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Heuer Carrera 2447D First Execution


The 2447, in any guise, is a reference hardly needing introduction. It is the model which set Heuer en-route to its present state. It’s an uncompromisingly bauhausian aesthetic with true purpose. There’s no secret that I have a soft spot for it and most of vintage Heuer. If I had to feature one reference on…

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