‘Jochen Rindt’ 2446 Heuer Autavia Third Execution


To us, Heuer are not a quartz Moonswatch-me-too Hodinkee marketing exercise. Similarly, Heuer are not 18mm thick, uninspired chronographs made to give Frédéric Arnault something to do other than party. No modern marque may be so far off course from its roots as TAG. So let’s focus on the second half, Heuer, instead. Heuer were,…

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2446 ‘Jochen Rindt’ Heuer Autavia, Rare Rounded Numeral Dial


In vintage Heuer, as Wilsdorf and a few others, there is no shortage of inter-reference nuance. The Autavia is undoubtedly one of the most revered vintage chronographs all time. And yet, very few collectors are inflating slight discrepancies to massive proportions for profit; there is far less of the ‘meters-first’ type markups in Heuer. That’s…

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Heuer Autavia 2446 ‘Jochen Rindt’ Mark 3


In 2016, TAG announced a tournament to pit classic Heuer Autavia designs against each other in an online voting tournament. The winner, by a landslide, was what you see here today. It’s not difficult to understand the charm. The 2446 worn by German F1 legend Jochen Rindt was simple three register chronograph with one of…

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An Automotive Gem: Heuer 2446 Autavia


The snap-back generation of 2446, sometimes confusingly called ‘Heuer’s Submariner’, is a base for much of the brand’s current appeal. The moniker exists not for the use of Valjoux’s 72, but the iconic status today. Heuer’s earliest screw-back Autavias are more collectible, but these snap/compressor variations are no less interesting. These were the models often…

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