1 of 5 Chopard LUC 1860 Flying T for Revolution


This is not a new watch, it is a love letter. See, Chopard revived not just their long-astray name with one effort, but an entire style of watchmaking. If the CPCP Monopoussoir was a well-heeled investment in independent watchmakers as effective ghost-writers, then the incredible LUC 1860 watches of the late 90s were a faith-based…

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Chopard LUC 1860 LE 100


It is possible for something to be expensive and massively undervalued. Much in the way that collectors have recently begun to acknowledge the exceptional watchmaking in early CPCP pieces, a subculture is forming around LUC. Chopard may be mostly known for sponsoring the Mille Miglia (now a cocaine and Instagram model heavy tour of Italy…

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