Swiss Only, Claw Dial 1803 Rolex Day-Date in Rose Gold


It is a little-discussed fact that rose gold is substantially less common than yellow or white gold in vintage Day-Date production. But, where Rolex are concerned, not all vintage rose golds are quite consistent. The alloy was constantly evolving throughout the very lengthy run of the 1803. Early Day-Dates, such as this 1962 example, sport…

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1803 Oxblood Stella Rolex Day-Date


The Day-Date (colloquially President) is arguably Rolex’s most iconic model, full stop. It is classic, subdued, sophisticated, timeless, and coveted. Like much of vintage Rolex the variety of iterations and custom-order examples within this one model could serve as subject to multiple volumes of research. This elicits the query, where to start? Well, when both…

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Khanjar Rolex Day-Date 1803 in Blue & WG


Why do I feature a mechanically standard 1803 Day-Date? Because every single khanjar Rolex has a story to tell. Additionally, they are just fucking cool. The khanjar, a traditional J-shaped dagger (which is a symbol of pride in Oman’s history), was used on Rolex commissioned for Omani royalty. Frequently, these pieces were also manufactured in…

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