‘Quatrro’ 16/1863 Chopard LUC, Yellow Gold


This 16/1863 is going to be remembered as one of the great buying opportunities of this era alongside the 1860. It’s called the Quattro, and even though it says Chopard on the dial, it’s really a collaborative effort and Parmigiani at its heart. Just like the time-only 1860, it’s truly rare and sold few units…

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Blue ‘Quattro’ 1863 Chopard LUC in White Gold


Chopard set out in the late 90s with a blank check and Mr. Parmigiani on side to show the world they could do serious watchmaking. While most of the world is familiar with their first effort, the calibre 1.96, the second evolution 1.98 is little less discussed. Yes, the 1.96 is still the collector darling,…

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