CB Case 105.012-66 Omega Speedmaster


Watch enthusiasts are, almost by definition, students of detail. Early Speedmaster productions, particularly pre-moon, offer a wealth of varying tiny details which may fill a lifetime of study. Few of them, however, are able to spotted across a room. I can only think of tropical dials, broad arrow/alpha handsets, straight lugged cases, and, for those…

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NAAFI 105.012 ‘Wide T’ Speedmaster


Though not issued, this 105.012 saw a life of service. This 321 powered, CB-asymmetric-cased Speedmaster saw its way through the British Government’s Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes after manufacture. The NAAFI provided recreational outlets and sold goods at discount to servicemen of the British Armed Forces. Though the watch is possibly less collected than…

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Grey Dial 105.012 ‘No-T’ Omega Speedmaster


The watch-unique patination vintage provides is occasionally just perfect. Tropical watches from Italy are not particularly trustworthy and half the world’s ghost bezels are now in fact bleached, not sunned. Honest wear is a rare thing in the modern watch world. That’s just why I adore the Speedmaster I share here today: a 105.012 with…

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