Tudor 7159/0 Monte Carlo

I recently featured a slightly rougher around the edges 7159 at a reasonable ask and called it the quintessential summer watch. It’s still out there. Today I’m sharing with you the opposite. This is the kind of Monte Carlo you wear carefully, because its dial still clearly resembles the roulette table from which it gets its moniker. This is an icon of Tudor and its bright colour palette has solidified its place among the Rolex family greats.

Moreover, there is one detail which sees the 7159 gather enthusiasm from the detail-obsessed Rolex crowd: it has its own unique style of squared-off crown guards. Pair that with an oyster-case and its screw-down pushers to create something of a spectacular chrono-side silhouette.

There is a clear prioritization in Tudor and Rolex for strong cases. That, this appears to have—with an original 7838 bracelet. The dial is equally a stand out with its navy only lightly faded and tritium plots evenly yellowed/matched. I love that the bezel only proudly displays light surface scratches with no serious nocks visible. I can only look from a distance with admiration for this example. It comes from a well regarded retailer.

Find this 7159 here from Herschmann (Haute Horlogerie Schindler SA) for 25500 USD.