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Tudor 7159 Monte Carlo: the Quintessential Summer Watch


Posted recently on S. Song’s page for a seriously reasonable sum, this 1974 second generation Monte Carlo is a legend of design. Tudor have been of interest to collectors in a big way for the last three decades now and one glimpse at a piece like this proves why. The extremely distinctive dial, markers, and sub-registers work so brilliantly together it’s almost bizarre. I particularly love the cyclops at 6 and oyster case combination. The steel bezel version here would look ace on a colored NATO, textured fabric, or indeed just about anything. I’m calling it now: this is my vintage summer watch pick for 2021.


Nicknamed for its similarity to the roulette tables of Monaco, the colorful dial is shouty in the most tasteful way possible. I want to say that this is a Daytona for people with with taste, but that’s a bit extreme and I still lust for a 6265. Let’s just say this is a discreet Daytona for watch people alone. With a 40mm steel oyster case and column-wheel Valjoux 234, the components are somewhere generic. However, this watch is more than the sum of its parts. With that dial, handset, and crystal, the resulting piece is anything but generic.


This 7159 is in a decent state. The case is polished and the dial shows a moderate amount of tarnishing. Its handset is original but equally has begun to tarnish and degrade. S. Song is a well-regarded seller and, true to his reputation, has price the watch accordingly. This could be a dial restoration candidate for those willing to put in the real hours. It could similarly be a watch you adopt to beat the living daylights out of. Whatever the case, this is a Monte Carlo on the rougher side for those of you who like a lived-in watch. I count myself among you.

Find this 7159 here from S. Song for 15500 USD.

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