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Laurent Ferrier Micro-Rotor Régulateur École


If you’ve spent time here, you’ll know I have an immense affection for Laurent Ferrier. The man’s work speaks for itself, very eloquently. Mr Ferrier is perhaps most famed for contrasting classic design and proportions with thoroughly modern movements, all finished to an exacting standard. He is also known for a damn great micro-rotor execution. These signatures are still present here, but with the introduction of a more classic complication: the regulator.


For a little more background on Mr Ferrier and his immense sense of design and case proportion, I recommend these features: one and two. I would just like to ruminate here for a moment on the merits of a regulator as it applies to LF. The regulator is nothing more than a split indication of hours and minutes, each full dissociated. Why is this a thing? The regulator was a period complication hailing from the very start of pocket watches making the jump to wristwatches. It originally was implemented in wall clocks as a means of being able to be more accurately and precisely set the minutes apart from the hour indication. Regulator clocks were often used in reference clocks for public places. These complicated pieces were seen as outright references times: clocks for clockmakers. Although Jaeger-Lecoultre holds that same honour in modern Swiss watchmaking, I could make a very a strong case that LF is an equivalent for modern independents. Just have a look for yourself at their ability.


This example is said to be in unworn condition and yet the gallery literally has a photo of it on someone’s wrist. I don’t know how many staff at Phillip’s own the fine work of Merriam-Webster, but I would like to advocate for an original definition of adjectives with respect to condition. Despite that, the case is lovely. I see no surface wear. It comes with a full set from the very well-respected Phillips Perpetual shop in London.

Find this Régulateur École here from Phillip’s Perpetual for 27000 GBP.

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