The Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Boréal

High-end, in horology, is a relatively useless demarcation. To one, high-end could mean an Omega Seamaster 300. To another, high-end could be a CasiOak. So let’s say this: people who have gone to school to become watchmakers for Patek Philippe, who have a complete understanding of excellence, would consider this amongst the highest level of watchmaking. And that is in fact the background of Laurent Ferrier himself. A classically trained watchmaker who also happens to have raced seven times at the Le Mans 24. I love him, GPHG love him, and after seeing these images you just might as well.

The traveller, simply named, is Ferrier’s modern interpretation of the classic travel watch. It retains the elegance the house has become known for despite being highly functional. Two integrated buttons adjust local time, quickly and more easily than any similar GMT function. This slightly rarer variant incorporates a sector dial and Superluminova for a yet-quicker read.

The micro-rotor double direct-impulse Galet movement is finished to level rarely seen, even amongst the best: utilizing perlage, Côtes de Genève, and insane polishing technique. This is not even to mention its secondary timezone function and COSC chronometer certifications.


I particularly love that this is a truly functional piece, without much unnecessary complication. It feels purposeful, accomplishing its given task with remarkable style. This traveller is in perfect condition. Probably a safe queen. If there is a mark, I haven’t seen it. It comes from one of the top retailers around, ACM, with a full set.

Find this Galet Traveller Boréal here from A Collected Man for 32650 GBP.