Class & Taste: IWC Ingenieur 666AD in RG

IWC first marketed the 666AD with the tagline “For the man who expects the impossible from his watch”. Even 50 years on, the line holds up. The first Ingenieur is a classic with real engineering, beautiful design, and understated proportions. The watch is every bit an exceptional pick in vintage dress. Designed to take on the Railmaster and Milgauss, IWC’s take on the anti-magnetic watch was much more classic. The subtle exterior belied the iron cage and robust movement within. In addition, it was the only of those three with a date display (increasingly difficult to fight magnetism with an aperture). The dial is a mixed bag of fonts, which grows increasingly charming as one gets used to it. Much like the entire watch.

I’ve written before about why I feel the reference is sure to grow in collectibility. Good examples have already started to grow infrequent. This is a very wise pick, even against the entire range of vintage anti-magnetic options. Rose gold may be an appealing touch or detraction for any given collector, just buy what appeals to you. As one Reddit commenter noted, the watch is completely confident as both a gold dress watch and tough anti-magnetic tool piece: a beautiful juxtaposition. Other than that aside, this is a pretty-well perfect example.

Find this Ingenieur here on r/watchexchange for 7400 USD.