Museum-Grade IWC 666AD

Alright, fine. Watches aren’t investments, etc. But if they were, and they often can be, this IWC would meet the grade. A+ Condition, full originality, and historical significance are all present. The 666AD was IWC’s take on the antimagnetic watch, preceding both the Milgauss and Railmaster (some have said the lightning-bolt ‘Ingenieur’ logo served as inspiration for the Milgauss’s famous seconds hand, never confirmed). The Ingenieur took the soft iron casing from IWC’s Mark XI pilot’s watches and incorporated it in a less utilitarian, 1960s-modern design. The reference 666 was the first and is still the most classic iteration of the Ingenieur design.

But more important than its intended purpose today is the 666’s remarkably attractive design: austere, Germanic, and Bauhausian in its aesthetic. The 37mm size is perfect for a slim and unadorned case. This is a watch that would look equally at home under the cuff of a suit as it would with a linen polo and Bermuda shorts. The original Gay Frères bracelet is simply perfect. I’ve been casually following the market for a 666 as both an enthusiast and a speculator. The example here from Shuck the Oyster satisfies both interests.

One of the easiest ways to gauge interest is in a particular reference is the liquidity of supply relative to production numbers. The 666 market has been growing dryer and dryer every time I’ve seriously checked it out. It didn’t help that in a recent interview, Aurel Bacs chose it as one of the most undervalued vintage dress pieces. The unfortunate truth for me is that I’m tapped out after a recent GS purchase. But if you’re not, I urge you to seriously consider this Ingenieur. I’ve seen two in the metal and I can resolutely claim it is the type of watch that will never cease to charm.

Find this 666AD here from Shuck the Oyster for 11500 EUR.