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Value Proposition: Desotos Valjoux 72 Chronograph


Much like Heuer had Leonidas, Enicar (in their early Mk1 Sherpa Graph days) had Desotos. There aren’t many of these kicking around, but Desotos were Enicar’s generic-label Valjoux 72. The case is straight 40mm EPSA Sherpa Graph from the Enicar factory and the many of the Valjouxs were even signed specifically for Enicar. Despite this link, the Desotos is really a lovely alternative with a value proposition all its own.


I’ve featured one or two Sherpa Graphs before. However, today, those are a proposition north of 8K. If you’d like an almost identical Sherpa Graph at half the price with no name recognition, this is your play. There’s a lot to be said for brand identity, ambassadors, and the associations consumers make with them. However, if you’re willing to do away with all of those things, there’s more to be said for no-nonse unbranded alternatives. I feel this reverse panda Desotos offers a Valjoux 72 value unlike almost any other vintage chronograph in the market.


This example is in spectacular shape. All dial tritium lume plots are present, matched through the handset. Its movement shows no corrosion at all and the case is sharp. These cases came highly polished from Enicar as standard. The crown is generic, that’s about the only drawback to this value-buy. It comes form a well-regarded instagram-based retailer.

Find this Desotos here from Avocado Vintage Watches for 4000 EUR.

(alternatively, if albino is more your thing, check out this similarly priced one here)

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