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Tropical Universal Genève 204610/4 Polerouter Date


The Polerouter is probably the best entry point into our addiction. The model offers incredible breadth, engineering innovation across multiple fronts, and Genta design all at a not-yet-absurd entry point. The Polerouter was released in honor of a first flight over the North Pole, hence the title. More impressive, however, was the introduction of a micro rotor. That’s all fairly commonly known. What you don’t often see, however, is this 204610 reference. And what you never find is one that is this beautifully even tropical tone.


When one goes deep enough into watches, they tend to polarize on the subject of micro rotors. It is hard to keep them fully wound, they require more attention. To me, that’s half the charm. Same goes for manual Speedmasters. I love interacting with the mechanics. I’m paraphrasing here, but Jeremy Clarkson once said something to the effect of “classic cars have faults, it’s why modern hatchbacks seem like appliances to us. Humans have faults too, they allow us connect with classics on a deeper level.” I feel that mechanical sympathy alive and well in the innovation that was this Polerouter’s caliber 215 micro-rotor auto. Today, it’s more of an engineering fascination for us absolute nerds. But it does help make the watch significantly thinner and was the first of its kind. That has impress even the most practical amongst us.


This example is strong. The case is uber-sharp, lightly marked. Most impressively, its dial is evenly tropical to the point that you may even think this was a factory color. The crystal, crown, and hands are correct for the reference. I see nothing to hold you back. Far be it from me to comment on investment potential, but I believe there is some here. It’s a lovely piece and would make an elegant addition to almost any watch case.

Find this Polerouter here from Byitscover1 on Instagram on offer at 2950 EUR.

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