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Seiko 6138-0030 Kakume Speed Timer


Hit F5 because it’s time for something a bit refreshing. Sometimes we have to remember that it’s okay to just love a watch for no reason whatsoever. It doesn’t have to be particularly rare, valuable, or mechanically genius to be attractive. One can just like an object for what it is. That’s how I feel about this Kakume Speed Timer, a vintage Seiko chronograph that is to Initial D what the Speedmaster is to Apollo 13.


Kakume means square eyes in Japanese and the moniker is self-explanatory. The Kakume was released in a variety of configurations almost as wide as your imagination could conjure. The watch was powered by the 6138 auto chronograph, a workhorse somewhat ahead of its time. The ‘Chronograph Automatic’ text marks this dial out as the international version. While other JDM alternatives also exist with ‘Speed-Timer’ signatures, this is probably the cleanest blue dialed arrangement you’ll find.


The watch is no original safe queen and I’m fine with it. It comes on an aftermarket bracelet that still suits. One could probably substantially increase the valuation by seeking out an original bracelet and links. Nonetheless, the watch itself is relatively strong for a wearer. The case has a few knocks and may have seen a light polish. The bezel has one small spot of tarnish that needs seeing to. Otherwise its perfect to start wearing immediately. Please just pair it with an RX-7, Z, or R34 . . .it’s begging for it.

Find this Kakume Speed Timer here on Chrono24 for 945 USD.

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