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Red Bakelite Universal Genève Polerouter Sub


Outside of Rolex and Patek, it is very rare for any single model to have the kind of depth and complexity that the Polerouter line offers. Designed by Gérald Genta with then-new technology and an endless variation of details, this Universal Genéve (UG) Sub has only gained commendation since release. While my personal dream Polerouter Sub probably goes to the PSSC, I have to admit this latter 869121 is truly charming.


Bakelite seems to only adorn watches worth collecting and this is no exception. Its asymmetric case, original Gay Frères, and wide tritium indices look better today than they ever did in period. The legendary UG micro rotor makes an appearance in this caliber 1-69, which is surprisingly decently-finished for a tool watch. The dial sports a horizontal crosshair and golden tritium. This is matched through a bright orange handset. All told, if you’re into vintage, it’s hard not to love this Polerouter Sub.


This Sub has its original crown, crystal, handset, dial, and all the rest. There is nothing out of place. Moreover, the bakelite bezel survives to this day with no cracks or serious scars. That is an accomplishment in itself and a marker that this watch has been worn with care. One could breath too heavily and crack early bakelite applications. The case is still sharp and wear is matched with its original bracelet. It comes without a box and papers in otherwise very strong condition.

Find this Polerouter Sub here from Grailium for 12000 CHF.

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