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Omega Bucherer Darth Vader 145.023


In the early 70s, Omega brought out the ref 145.023 chronograph. It featured a bulky, bright-tungsten finished 44mm case. With a bright white tachy scale, advanced 861 chronograph, and helmet-like shape, the watch became known as the Anakin Skywalker. A few months after initial release, they followed it up with a black tungsten version ref 145.0023. Omega produced watches with Bucherer dials which were intended specifically to be retailed in Bucherer boutiques. The Omega variants had black dials with red subdials. Bucherer variants are mostly the stark white panda you see here. That’s what we have here today. The dark side is calling.


The nickname in fact goes more than skin deep. The massive case is dual layered. There is a body (uncoated) which has light antimagnetic caging and houses the 861 chronograph. The black tungsten shell on top is in some ways an insanely massive bezel by technical definition. It shields the crystal and pushers with its octagonal mass. The lugs are also hidden under its bulk, giving a totally unique wrist presence that I, for one, adore. I’m not sure any watch has ever more strongly captured the design of its era as perfectly.


The Bucherer Darth Vader is a rare bird. Although Omega dials sell at a premium in the 145.0023, the Bucherers are actually less common. I like the bright white contrast, but understand that some would want a total blackout aesthetic in their Vader.

This example is a strong one. The coating is entirely complete. Often these early applications scratch and ding through the black tungsten. Obviously, it isn’t polished. Moreover, it comes with a full set. That’s a true rarity when a watch is this obscure and old. I adore it. If you’re itching for a unique vintage chronograph, the Force is strong with this one.

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