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NAAFI 105.012 ‘Wide T’ Speedmaster


Though not issued, this 105.012 saw a life of service. This 321 powered, CB-asymmetric-cased Speedmaster saw its way through the British Government’s Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes after manufacture. The NAAFI provided recreational outlets and sold goods at discount to servicemen of the British Armed Forces. Though the watch is possibly less collected than a ‘true’ military Omega (or even moreso Rolex), it its undeniably a watch with a deep story buried somewhere in its past.


It’s easy to underestimate the appeal of a 321-powered vintage Speedy before you’ve fixed one to your wrist. I’ve been fortunate enough to own about three Speedmasters, mostly modern. To be frank, I never really bonded well with any of them. This is sacrilegious, I know. But recently I had the opportunity to try on a friend’s 2998. I am now infatuated with this purposeful design. I cannot articulate well the physical difference in demeanour that the vintage piece brings to the table. It’s more of a feeling that comes with the texture of scratches, feeling of solidity, and solid sweep of a 321 chronograph hand. With its applied logo, deeply golden tritium, hand patina, and asymmetric case, I’m willing to bet it all on black for this 105.012. I just can’t right now.


This rarer CB case is totally unpolished and looks to be tack sharp. Its dial is a wide T variation in generally strong condition. The hands have small holes in the lume. Depending on your collecting philosophy, these could be easily repaired by a reputable watchmaker. I’d leave them personally and wear it carefully. To each their own. Its DON90 bezel is correct and it comes on a 1039 bracelet. The 321 is said to be keeping good time with no known service history. It comes with an extract confirming its NAAFI delivery.

Find this 105.012 here from Chronoholic for 15950 USD.

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