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Khanjar Rolex Day-Date 1803 in Blue & WG


Why do I feature a mechanically standard 1803 Day-Date? Because every single khanjar Rolex has a story to tell. Additionally, they are just fucking cool. The khanjar, a traditional J-shaped dagger (which is a symbol of pride in Oman’s history), was used on Rolex commissioned for Omani royalty. Frequently, these pieces were also manufactured in bizarre spec with fun alterations. This is not something Rolex would ever consider doing anymore, but back in the early 1970s one could bulk buy a handful of custom dial Rolex for family and friends (with wealth as an obvious proviso). The absurdity of that request and relatively rare number of examples make pieces like this 1803 hugely attractive to the Rolex collecting community.


When I say bizarre spec, I mean it. This 36mm 1803 is manufactured in full white gold. Its dial is a blue totally different to any other Day-Date I’ve seen. Not only is the shade brighter, but the indices and hands are a contrasting 18K gold. The Day-Date is an icon, particularly popular amongst middle-eastern politicians. These Omani pieces were almost all retailed through Asprey in London. Asprey stamps the inside the caseback and their two-sword marking is inside this example. It is also marked KR, indicating it was supplied to Khimji Ramdas.


These Omani Day-Dates and Datejusts often fall exclusively into two categories: worn to hell or sparingly sported. This one is the latter. Its bracelet has little stretch and shows nearly no marks anywhere. The back is clear of scratches. The dial is in remarkable condition. The retailer notes that after excessive conversations with experts and Rolex it is believed original to the watch. The watch was serviced in 2006 by Rolex with provision to hold dial work or replacement. It should be good for another five years at a minimum. This is a very special Rolex and would make a spectacular addition to even some of the most robust coronet collections.

Find this 1803 here from Xupes for 43000 GBP.

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