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Heuer Carrera 2448S Second Execution


Valjoux 72s don’t seem to come in anything unattractive, do they? The Heuer Carrera is a piece which needs nothing more said about it. It is simple, elegant, lovely. The legacy of Jack Heuer’s leadership and F1 affiliations speak for themselves. The unfussy design and accurate Valjoux made a perfect pairing for a golden era of F1. Collecting Heuer is a relatively new discipline when compared to the watch world as a whole. Oh, how we should have been paying attention. 


This is a Heuer which has not yet attracted insane premium. It is a gold-plated (that may be why if we’re honest, most collectors prefer solid or steel) 36mm case with everything else from the period Carrera you know and love. That gold case is contrasted by a radially silvered dial and triple sub registers. Nothing feels out of place. I do love this gold second execution as it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This may not be the collector’s piece but damn is it ever fun and attractive.


The second execution shown in this example looks as honest as they come. The dial has some weather and fading, the case is unpolished (it wouldn’t survive a pass), and the markers are oxidizing in a small way. Its lume has spots but is original. The movement has been inspected and it comes from a reputable seller. If you’re after a gold(ish) Heuer, I’ve got nothing left to say. Here’s one sure to charm for decades to come.

Find this 2448S Carrera here from Special Dial for 5640 USD.

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