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Heuer Camaro 7743S


The last of Heuer’s manually wound chronographs, the Camaro is a bit of an acquired taste. It is a simple design, yet one which has stood the test of time, looking better today than ever previously. This more subdued Heuer (relative to a Monaco) sports a 37.5mm case with a simple white dial, short chronograph pushers, and beads of rice bracelet. It is an echo of a more tasteful era of motorsport watchmaking, when James Hunt openly referenced his huge balls and Ferrari pit crew smoked while filling the car.


The 7743 runs a Valjoux 7730 with very few modifications. Later generations peacock with colored dials and gold, but these early runs retain a purer aesthetic. I prefer simplicity. The lumed hands and indices are simply gorgeous against the blank cream white dial. I particularly love the Camaro font and lettering.


This example appears little polished and is said to be entirely original. The case brushing is almost worn off. Its beaded bracelet fits to a tee. The market has yet to catch up to the value the Camaro intrinsically holds. At 4500 USD, it might not seem like value. I dare you to find a square chronograph with more character at the price point. Moreover, this seller is open to trades. If you have a craving and something interesting to trade, this is your opportunity.

Find this Camaro here from r/watchexchange for 4500 USD.

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