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Gilt, Fat-Font 1675 Rolex GMT-Master

Fat-Font-1675-Rolex GMT-Master

This 1967 GMT features everything one could ask for in vintage Rolex aside from complete originality (for the more fastidious among us). Its gilt dial, tritium plots, and faded Pepsi bezel are enough to bring even millennials into the golden era of Pan-Am and Fidel Castro. The 1675 is possibly the most recognizable Rolex reference of all time, tied to the 6542 as frontrunners. We all know what a 14060m 2-liner is because we’re obsessives. Most sane humans just know that a Pepsi bezel and Coronet spell Rolex. 

Fat-Font-1675-Rolex GMT-Master

The 1675 was in continuous production for a monumental twenty years, one of the longest single running references in all of Rolex lore. That’s for good reason: the basic, early crown-guard GMT did not need changing. Allowing its wearer to track two or two time zones simultaneously, the iconic Pepsi (split in color to mark the difference between AM and PM in the 24hr time zone, I’m always surprised how many people aren’t aware of this) GMT Master design had found a home in the minds of pilots and the jet set. Its desirability never really faded. A twenty year run in Rolex-land means that many details were changed between years. There are fat font bezels as we see here, Long-E dials, double-signed dials, varied handsets, and possibly even a controversial blueberry or two. I refrain from comment on that particular deviation. In any guise, the reference is growing in collectability on the hour it seems. 

Fat-Font-1675-Rolex GMT-Master

The 1675 began as a gloss dial affair and transferred to a matte finish in the late 1960s. This 1967 serial marks this example as toward the end of gloss dial production. The seller has noted that the handset is a service replacement, but one would have to hold a long gaze at an angle to distinguish a true color differential. They’re fit for service but perhaps are not ‘investment’ grade (whatever that means). Nonetheless they are a close match and it’s the mark of a great seller to be straightforward about replacement parts, most just refrain from comment. The case presents bevel edges still and is attached to its original riveted bracelet. No mention of service history is made, but it comes from a small retailer with a one year warranty. 

Find this 1675 here from Vintage Times NL listed as POA.

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