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First Execution Heuer Carrera 73653


This is last bastion of manual-wind Carreras and it’s a damn attractive holdout. This early-70s iteration of the Carrera sported a sunburst silver dial, contrast subs, and tritium. That tritium is, in my opinion, what makes this example. That is in addition to a bulletproof caliber, strong 39mm case, and eBay value buy.


This first execution dial is one of the rarest. The black and silver contrast looks ultra period in the best way possible. If you like this era of chronograph design, this Valjoux 7736 beauty will be your bread and butter. The watch was released the same year as the first Daytonas, but perhaps has remained a bit in its shadow ever since. The chronograph was designed to be highly legible while driving, something the Daytona could perhaps learn a bit from. It also had a steel tensioner ring to hold the crystal tight and prevent any dust on its dial. That ring was painted with a tachy scale to provide more appropriate chronograph timing. This is an automotive enthusiast’s pick to its very core.


This example is lovely and much better than what you might expect for an eBay find. Its case is crisp with a small knock on one lug. The dial is clear of cancer and radiant. The lume has not flaked and is beautifully yellowed, matched all over. Its movement is running well and it comes on a standard BOR bracelet of unknown manufacture.

Find this 73653 here on eBay in Florida for 6975 USD.

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