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Enicar Sherpa Superdive Compressor


Superdive is a good name. 812 Superfast is also a good name. I often think to myself the adjectives which are most child-like and simplistic are best. Why do we say nephrologist and not kidney doctor? Latin-obsessed exclusionary fuckery. I digress. This oversized 1960s Enicar is, in fact, a super diver. Enicar was a long running Swiss manufacture founded by Ariste Racine (guess what Racine is backwards). It’s one of those great casualties of the quartz crisis. Though they survive, they no longer make absolute beauties like this. And make no mistake, this Sherpa is beautiful.


The Sherpa line was started as Enicar’s professional ‘explorer’ line. The line covered screw divers, compressor divers, GMTs, and world timers amongst others. This Sherpa Superdive gets its moniker from an EPSA super compressor patent 42mm case (quite a modern size for a period diver). The movement is Enicar’s own cal 1145. This example sports a matte and tritium dial, there are variances between generations but I am not an expert on which this is. One bonus point is that this example also sports original dauphine hands with matched lume. These are the rarer and generally more desirable shape.


This example is quite strong. Importantly, it is all original as far as I can see. The dial is stronger than most. Its matte is not discolored or spotted. All lume plots are intact and yellowed evenly. The red date wheel is correct. Its crowns also bear the correct cross-hatch with Enicar orbit logo. The case is lightly polished but retains shape. There is little that would stop one from diving in on this super diver.

Find this Enicar Sherpa Superdive here from Shuck the Oyster for 4200 EUR.

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