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Double-Burgundy, Wabi-Sabi Tropical Rolex 6536


The classic, iconic small-crown Submariner is ageing remarkably well. Every single Black Bay 58 you see plastered across your Instagram feed owes its existence to this design. The red triangle bezel, proud small crown, tapered lugs, and Mercedes handset went on to define a design language for the following decades. If you wish to actually go diving, buy a 79220N. If you wish to enjoy absolute beauty, here’s your diver.


Against this . . .call it Verde Francesca background, burgundy tropical has never looked better. I remember featuring a similarly weathered 5512 mid-winter. The piece enamoured me in ways I did not expect. The tones of contrasted brown and red, absolute uniqueness, and Submariner proportion are an irresistible combination. Applying this formula to a 6536 is the equivalent of Spinal Tap’s going to 11. I’m grasping at straws to define the appeal logically. I understand the rarity of something like a 6536/8 double depth. I can’t justify this rationally. I can only say use your eyes and heart; you’ll either get it or couldn’t care less.


In terms of condition, this tool watch wears its decades well. The lume is fully intact and entering a near-gilt-matched tone. Even its bezel pearl is present and matched. Despite the tropical sun exposure, the bezel’s red triangle is still fighting age. The case is polished but not abused. Serial is said to be visible. This not a perfect Submariner, it is just a lovely one— more beautiful for its flaws. Isn’t that just the textbook definition of wabi-sabi?

Find this tropical 6536 here from Tropical Watch for 69850 USD.

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