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An Exceptional 2915-3 Pre Moon Omega Speedmaster


I find myself incessantly craving a straight-lug Speedy these days. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s the timeless design. Perhaps I’m just a snob for early reference varieties. Whatever the case, I think I just found Nirvana. The 2915 was the very first Speedmaster reference and genesis for all tachymeter bezel chronographs. This -3 is the transitional reference was where alpha hands and different cases began entering the fray. Although its not nearly as rare as the -1, in every other way it is exactly as charming (also generally around half the premium a -1 commands). Particularly this one, with its ‘fat O’ Omega signature. If a tool could ever be described as arresting in its beauty, this gracefully aged, first-of-an-icon iteration Speedy would be it.


Many collectors forget that, despite the hundreds of launches and first moon landing, the Speedmaster was intended as an Italian racing driver’s chronograph. In the 1957 2915, Omega created the very first chronograph to have its tachymeter scale on its bezel, rather than dial, for increased legibility. This massive innovation was complimented with broad arrow hands, as seen in this example. The bezel was steel for just the first few years of production, a defining hallmark of the early iterations. The bezel proved a bit tricky to see and was later changed to the black aluminum affair we’re used to. The Lemania-based 321 remained until the watch touched down on the lunar surface. The 2915-1 through -3 were produced from 1957 to 1959 at an estimated production volume of 3-4000 examples.


Well-preserved, I feel, may be understatement on this one. The dial speak volumes about the life it has lived. Nothing has disintegrated, everything is correct, and the tritium has gone full pumpkin. Its case is correct as is the signed crown. Please note that this is not a smoothed over bevel from polish, this is how these were made. Its 321 movement presents well and is said to be running strong. It comes with an extract from a well regarded retailer.

Find this 2915-3 here from Corrado Mattarelli listed as POA.

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