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A Lemania RAF Monopusher Series 3


Aviator’s chronographs are certainly some of the more sought-after pieces in military collecting. The humble complication is a tool with an important purpose in aviation, but still useful outside of it. Lemania, in collaboration with Omega and Tissot, created some of the most robust, widespread military chronographs. Also, arguably, some of the most handsome. There are no frills, no excess in Lemania’s designs. These are some of the most purposeful chronographs ever created.


The Lemania monopusher was issued to the armed forces of the UK, South Africa and Sweden. In England, the chronograph went to the RAF and some divisions of the Royal Navy. A few variations exist. This RAF Series 3 features sub registers and a lumed dial. It was also the reference to introduce the signature asymmetric case. The monopusher side, you will note, is thicker to prevent the pusher stalk bending. It is powered by a column wheel cal 2220. At 40mm, the case has a modern presence you don’t often see in pieces of this era.


The watch on offer today is a special one. There’s a broad arrow on the dial, not seen in all examples. The lume is faded to pumpkin and all present. Its case is strong. The markings on its back are still totally visible. Despite the mismatch, the hands are original. Most S3 monopushers used mixed lume between hands and dials. Often, the matched examples are those with replacement handsets. The movement is functioning perfectly and looks relatively clean.

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