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2913-7 ‘Lollipop’ Omega Seamaster 300


In philosophy, there is an infamous thought experiment known as the Ship of Theseus. The crux is this: if a Greek warship were to live a long and successful life, over time its hull will be patched. Sections will be swapped. Perhaps a mast will be fell in a storm, only to be rebuilt months later. This cycle may be perpetuated ad infinitum, until no one component may be said to have been borne with the ship’s christened name. When does one ship become another? Plato was never able to solve the ship’s paradox. So how the hell are we supposed to in horology?

The 50s were a time of huge innovation in dive watches and Omega was not about to miss the figurative or literal boat. Following the Fifty-Fathoms and Submariner, the Seamaster 300 was released alongside the Speedmaster and Railmaster as professional’s pieces–each set to accomplish a certain goal. The 2913 shaped Omega’s dive design and movement for generations to come. They came remarkably close to a home run in their first outing. It may have only been officially rated to 200 meters, but hey, we all overestimate our length when in a pinch. This -7 variant was the only reference to have the coveted lollipop seconds hand.


Here’s why I bring this thought experiment to bear: in watches, a singular detail can make all the difference. This 2913-7 was one of a few born with a lollipop seconds hand. Then these watches lived a seventy year life. The huge plot of lollipop lume fell through. Its other hands, same story. The bezel was damaged, cracked and faded in sections. Those damaged parts were restored with carefully matched replacements. The watch is arguably more cohesively beautiful as a result. But where does its essence become that of a different watch? Someone go ask Plato for me.


I am not for one second saying that there is anything wrong with caring for a watch to the degree of altering appearance. Of course, disclosure is always the name of the game. This seller should be applauded, in my view, for taking both such careful effort in sourcing components and including the watch’s history in its sale. Otherwise, the dial is perfect to my eye. Its case is fully proportioned. The new hands match perfectly the dial’s radium. It comes with an extract of archive from a well-regarded small retailer.

Find this 2913-7 Seamaster 300 here from Chronoholic for 30000 USD.

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